What You Need to Know Before Buying the Samsung A22


Samsung A22 review – your first impression must be based on the review. At first sight, all that should add to the positive impression on first look must include the suitable place of placement of the touch scanner on the Samsung A22 review. With a weigh in at just186 grams, this device could be described as lightweight. The back plate is composed of smooth plastic, while the sides are made from hard, clear glass. The front surface is composed of highly-glossy glass – to prevent it from becoming scratched, protect it further with a case. samsung a22

Despite the light weight of Samsung A22, it is manufactured with high quality parts and features. The device runs on the new Samsung Android operating system, version I.

The Samsung galaxy a22 has a lot of features which facilitate fast charging. One such feature is the fast charging capacity. It can support up to two weeks of time of charge when it is in its Standby mode. Once this is done, it can go on to work on the next day, according to Samsung’s specification sheet. The device has a single SIM card slot, but there is room for two more – one for the standard SIM card, and one for the micro/microSD card. The latter can support the latest Samsung android OS 4.3 Jelly Bean.

The Samsung galaxy a22 also comes with an ergonomic keyboard cover, along with volume and brightness controls. This device is a great buy because it has a slim design, along with a large keypad. The keys have an impressive level of resistance, which makes them comfortable to use. There is also an external speaker, which can be used for listening to music or audio tracks. If you want to read books, or view documents, the screen can rotate and thus, you can do so conveniently.

The Samsung A22 also comes with a rear camera, which does not resemble the one present in the iPhone. However, this internal storage is sufficient enough to accommodate plenty of movies, as well as plenty of text and image files. There is no slot for expandable memory in this tablet, although, this should not matter to you, considering that it comes with a warranty. There is a USB port as well, which can be used for connecting the a22 to the host computer.

One thing that may concern you, regarding the Samsung A22’s screen, is that it looks just like an iPhone. While the A22 does have similar features, such as a large, high resolution screen, you cannot exactly compare it with its counterpart. The difference lies in the fact that the iPhone has a rear camera, which can allow the user to capture photos and videos. On the other hand, the quad-lens Samsung A22’s has a much clearer and brighter display, which makes it more enjoyable to use.

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